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Mindfulness is commonly used today in many different areas and settings. Google it and you'll get over 36 000 000 hits!
It is used as a means of reducing stress, anxiety, depression, or simply as a remnder to become more present in the moment and - thereby- efficient. The reasons are as varied as their are people for why mindfulness has reached this enormous peak today.

I use mindfulness on many courses as an element to centre and balance the often outgoing exercises, typical of drama. Since I've been practising Zen buddhist meditation for a long time, where the notion of mindfulness makes up a great part, it feels natural to use components of this outlook on life in drama.
The technique is simple and yet it should be an ongoing practice regularly to benefit when in dificult times, whether small or big events. "Being present moment by moment without judgement with a feeling of friendliness" was a definition I heard a while ago to describe Mindfulness. It's a rather appealing formulation since patience, friendliness and kindness are all important parts of the attitude needed towards onself in order for personal growth.

The Chinese sign for Mindfulness consits of two separate signs with the meaning heart and mind. Which could be understood as  experiencing the present moment fully with both heart, senses and mind. * To practice Mindfulness whenever and wherever we are, makes us conscious of our inner communication, which obviously effects the outer communication with others as well.


Site initiated by Dalai Lama on the connection between Mindfulness and science

Meditation and Mindfulness in Silicon Valley

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