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Drama & Forum play

Drama includes role play, improvisation and mask play and is used in many different contexts. Depending on the aim of the exercise, we work in groups or in pairs to let the creativity strengthen and open up both the individual as well as the group. It also improves self confidence and self esteem. 

Forum play on a brief note means a scene or short play where a dilemma is presented to the audience who then are invited to become re-actors to the problem and change its' outcome. To not only visualize but actually act on the problem opens up for real change in people. Meaning in the end that the whole audience participates in the process and as a collective can reflect upon what is taking place. This method is genial in its' simplicity, created by Augusto Boal.


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Many exercises make you laugh out loud and connect with people in new ways.


Below you find links if you'd like to find out more about forumplay and drama.

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